Homeless Prevention

As councilmember at-large, Mayor Aguirre worked to create the City of IB’s first Housing Specialist position, which later developed into Imperial Beach’s first Housing Department. This new position helps landlords and tenants navigate regional and state rules, regulations, and assistance programs. This position also works in partnership with Imperial Beach’s Parks, Recreation, and Community Department to help place homeless people in IB into permanent housing and wrap around services. 

Fighting for More Open Spaces and Healthy Neighborhoods

Mayor Aguirre supported the creation of a Parks, Recreation, and Community Department in the City of Imperial Beach. This department supports programs for seniors, adults, and youth and is the foundation to build an even stronger community with more family-friendly events and activities. Since the creation of the department, Parks, Recreation, and Community staff have created events at IB’s parks such as “Movie in the Park,” “Dia de los Ninos/Children’s Day,” “Dia de los Muertos,” and “Explore IB Parks.” These events provide free resources, recreational, and cultural opportunities for people of all ages.

Helped Secure $300 million to Fight the Sewage Crisis

Mayor Aguirre also fought to help secure $300 million to expand the sewage treatment plant, which will reduce up to 60% of beach closure days. She also pressured Mexico to invest $144 million to fix the San Antonio de los Buenos Wastewater Treatment Plant (commonly referred to as Punta Bandera), located five miles south of the border,  which is currently dumping 40 million gallons of sewage per day and causing summer beach closures in Imperial Beach, Silver Strand, and Coronado. This fix will reduce beach closure days by 95% in the summer.

Free Public Transit for Youth

Providing better public transit options is essential in order to maintain IB residents’ quality of life. Many families rely heavily on public transit to access school, work, and recreational areas. Mayor Aguirre fought for free public transit for youth and to increase bus frequency for the 933/934 bus lines. Thanks to these initiatives, all Imperial Beach youth (18 and under) are able to get a free youth transit pass. She continues to advocate to increase the age of free transit to 24 yrs old, giving young adults a fighting chance at the start of their careers by allowing them to travel to and from job sites for free.

Secured Funding to Upgrade the Senior Center

Through the efforts of Mayor Aguirre, the City of IB was able to secure funding to renovate the Senior Center and bring additional resources for IB’s senior residents. Thanks to this renovation, seniors will now be able to enjoy climate controlled meeting rooms, a garden patio, and a compatible workout station to help our seniors stay fit and healthy.

Led Efforts to Keep People Housed During Pandemic

During the pandemic, when people were losing their jobs, Mayor Aguirre led the first moratorium on evictions to make sure people remained housed. Additionally, Mayor Aguirre supported the county’s regional Rent Relief Assistance Program and hosted forums, led by experts, to help landlords and tenants better understand their rights under the law. Mayor Aguirre is working  to expand the City’s Housing Department, so that IB residents can have access to informational resources, consult with staff about available assistance programs for both landlords and renters, and help our homeless population find permanent housing.


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